Renewable Energy with Sustainable Costs

Long term, fixed price renewable energy to deliver on your sustainability goals.

Renewable Energy can be obtained through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) with your electricity supply. But did you know that you can save money by unbundling the purchase of RECs from your electricity supply? Why buy RECs of a higher bundled price with your electricity contract? Choose to buy the most competitive, long-term supply contracts of RECs, and then have the freedom to choose your electricity of choice.

AECO Energy is a specialist that represents large-scale suppliers of current and future supply contracts of RECs.  Lock-in the best prices today to secure your future renewable energy needs.

Arrange your renewable energy needs through AECO Energy and lower your costs today. Talk to us about it.

You can also check out AECO Energy SustainPro to know more.

Free up your green energy from high-cost electricity bundles

Save more by buying the best-priced electricity and separately the best-priced Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Do not be limited by bundling ‘green’ electricity from electricity suppliers in national markets at higher prices. AECO Energy enables you to separately purchase internationally certified RECs to allow you to save more. 

Finally! Long-term, fixed price REC supply solutions

Time to save more! Need pricing certainty for your RECs longer than 2 years? At AECO Energy, we represent long-term, fixed price, internationally-certified REC providers. AECO Energy can provide long-term, fixed price REC supply agreements to help you achieve your sustainability goals with predictable and competitive prices. Stop the unnecessary risk and remove market uncertainty from your sustainability plans. Get a long-term, fixed price REC contract from AECO Energy today!

Worldwide, Asia-wide and local REC supply solutions

Need a sustainable REC solution for your local Singapore operations? Or need to cover your plans across Asia? AECO Energy can provide you with a competitive solution for your long-term sustainability needs from Shanghai to Singapore, from Osaka to Australia and anywhere in Asia.

AECO is energised to innovate and lower your costs

Get the best-priced RECs with AECO Energy’s direct relationships with REC providers and generators. AECO Energy is a focused provider and is unburdened by overheads of legacy electricity retailers and network operators. We are a lean-focused and innovative company revolutionising long-term purchasing of REC supply agreements.

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