Long-term, fixed price Renewable Energy Certificates for Asia

AECO Energy provides the tools to achieve a low-carbon reality. Our team of more than 80 global professionals will guide businesses towards achieving their sustainability goals with AECO Energy’s innovative solutions to help mitigate risks and costs. AECO Energy further adds value with up-to-date market insights and trends. 

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If your company has sustainability goals, long-term, fixed price Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) will be the answer.

One REC represents the social and environmental benefits of one MWh of clean energy. A REC is effectively a certificate of property rights over a unit of green energy produced. Your company can buy these attributes (from anywhere) saving the hassle of physical installation. With the same amount of green electricity (in the form of RECs), have your sustainability goals delivered through AECO Energy’s SustainPro.

Fight climate change now! Whether your company is big or small, you can mitigate risks and minimise the cost of achieving your sustainability goals through the knowledge, expertise and direct relationship of AECO Energy specialists with renewable energy generators and providers.

Did you know that you can save costs by unbundling the purchase of RECs from your electricity supply? You can potentially save more by acquiring RECs independently from your electricity. Unbundled RECs can provide you with a cost-effective, flexible means to support renewable energy development and meet your sustainability goals, even if clean energy products are unavailable locally. By purchasing RECs, you don’t need to alter your existing electricity contracts.

Don’t be limited by buying “green energy” with your electricity contract and be pressured to pay more. AECO Energy’s SustainPro will help you to separately purchase internationally certified RECs to enable you to save more. Choose to buy long-term, fixed price RECs and have the freedom to choose your electricity of choice.

SustainPro will empower your business to buy both the best-priced electricity and the best-priced RECs to meet your sustainability objectives and to save your business more.

Save more with long-term, fixed price REC supply solutions from internationally certified providers and generators. SustainPro provides fixed cost, future REC supply contracts that can span up to 10 years, providing your business with improved long-term cost structures and improved profitability and planning. At the same time, you gain access to competitive and predictable REC prices. SustainPro provides certainty that your business will achieve its sustainability goals with a controllable hedge against unknown REC price movements.  

AECO Energy is a renewable energy specialist with direct relationships with renewable energy providers and generators. This results in low-cost RECs without the need to deal with legacy electricity retailers and network operators. AECO is a lean and focused provider revolutionising long-term purchasing of REC supply agreements.

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