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View My Contracts

This page allows you to view the details of a selected contract. The contract details can be viewed irrespective of its statuses. Based on the selection of this menu the detail of the contract is shown.


All Contracts

Contracts are listed individually at the left section and the associated Contract Site Details and Rates of Usage is mentioned.


Contracts by Sites

Sites are listed in a table and the associated usage rate and annual rates are displayed.


Section 1, ‘MarketPro and Previous Contracts’

There are two (2) tabs in this section: Marketpro Contracts are those contracts that customers have organized using the MarketPro platform, and Previous Contracts are the existing contracts that the user has agreed to with the Electricity retailers themselves.


Section 2, ‘Filter by Duration’

In this section there are three (3) filter durations: Past Duration, this will list down the contracts that are already expired; Current Contracts, will show the current active contracts of the user; and Upcoming Contracts,  shows the list of upcoming contracts of the user.


Section 3, ‘Contract Details’

This section in the My Contract will show Contract Details.

  1. First table in this section shows the overview of the contracts.
  2. Second Table lists all the sites that are included in the contract.
  3. Third Table list rates for usage agreed by retailer. These rates can be distributed in different ranges over the sub periods of the contract duration.


Section 5, ‘Add Existing Contract’

This is a tool that lets user to add their existing contracts. It opens a new window

  1. Enter a Contract Name – User can put in any name that helps reference a contract.
  2. Retailer – Choose the retailer that you have the contract with.
  3. Start Date – Add the start date of the contract
  4. End Date – Add the end of the contract
  5. Add Contract Sites Details – The Add Site button would open a window that allows the user to add your site details that are associated with the contract that you are adding. When you click the Add Site a window to add site details that appear.
  6. Add Contract Rates Details: When you click this button, and a window is open. This allows the user to add the rates for different start and end dates for the contract. A contract can have different rates for different periods if it’s a stepped offer. The dates should cover the complete contract duration, they cannot overlap and there cannot be any gaps in the dates



Section 6, ‘Change Contract Nickname’

  1. The button with Pencil Icon when Clicked allows user to change the name of the contract.
  2. On Clicking the button, a small window opens, in which you can type the new name
  3. Finally, you can press the Save button.



Section 7, ‘Rate Watch Setting’

  • The Cog Icon Button in the row of a Contract, allows user to open the Rate Watch Setting Window
  • The Receive Notification checkbox determines if you want to receive the rate watch notification. If you uncheck you will not receive any notification.
  • The Automatic Action checkbox lets user to automatically enter the market for renewal of the contract when decided limit is reached.



Section 8, ‘Rate Watch Window Details’

The rate watch window has many tools and features below section would describe the rate watch tools and features

  1. First part of the Rate Watch Settings window has feature to apply common limit value to upper and lower limit. You select lower or upper from the drop down.
  2. You Put the Limit Value that you want for each of the duration.
  3. Press the Apply to All button to apply in all Duration.
  4. The table allows user to edit and view the limits set for the contract in each duration.
  5. Automatic Action section is the section that allows user to set lower or upper limit value for a certain duration for which you want automatically initiate a buying cycle to go to market to get the rates for the contract
  6. ADD USER method allows the current user to add users in this section, who should receive this notification. This opens a window with the list user associated with the account the current user could select as many users as possible and press Add Users Button to add those users to the list that receive notification.



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