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View primary account details, company and site information, access to member list, invite users to MarketPro, manage payments and subscriptions, learn about the latest products and more.

  • Primary Account Contact: This section informs current user with the primary account details of the company.


  • Company Information: This section informs users on the details of the client company.


  • Site Information: This section lists the sites of the company and the last column in the table has the view button, it lit the usage of the site


  • Member List: This section lists the users who have access to MarketPro. If you would like to invite a user, you could do so by clicking on the invite button and filling the details of the users in the window that opens.


  • Manage Subscription: On clicking the link click here it takes the user to our Payment Gateway where they can manage their subscription like view the details, view invoice and payments and change the plan etc.


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