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Request and Access Demo Account

Interested to understand more about MarketPro ? We can set up and give you access to a demonstration account. Set up with test data, the demonstration account allows users to experience MarketPro by navigating through the system enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of its features and benefits.

The data used in the demonstration account does not contain any real, live data or represent any customer information.  Though this still allows the user to gain an appreciation of what MarketPro can do.

As with any demonstration account it doesn’t provide the full experience of MarketPro but will provide the user with a greater understanding of how it works.  Access is provided for 15 days, upon when the account is deactivated.


Request for Demo Account


1. Users may visit our website https://aecoenergy.sg/ to request access to the Demo Account. Click on the dropdown login menu then click on MarketPro.


2. This will open the Login Page of MarketPro. Click on the button MarketPro Demo Access.



3. The click of the MarketPro Demo Access button opens a pop up. Enter your full name, contact number and e-mail address and click on Request Demo Account.



4. Once the information is submitted a Pop-up message will appear with confirmation of the request

5. Users will receive a confirmation email with details of credentials to access the Demo instance into their email box. Once the credentials are received users can login to Demo account via this URL: https://aecoenergy.sg/demo/auto-login.php?system=marketpro using the credentials provided.

6. The Demo account will be active for 15 days.


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