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How To Register and Login

Once the user subscribes to MarketPro plan, user needs to register to get access to the product.

A registration link will be sent to the email address provided which takes the user to registration page. Users can register their email id, Phone number and password using the registration process which enables them to login to the product


To Login to MarketProproduct visit to our website https://aecoenergy.sg/. Click on Login Menu and then click on MarketPro

Users can also bookmark the Login page URL and go back to that page directly to login


The login page allows the users to login to their MarketPro Account. It has two fields, Username, and the Password. The inputs will be compared with our User database and the password verified. Once the verification is complete, the user can proceed to the Main Menu.

Existing customers may proceed to login using two (2) options, one is by using the registered email address or by typing in the phone number.



Click the link to login https://aecoenergy.sg/demo/auto-login.php?system=marketpro tick checkbox and click Submit button.


Request demo account for MarketPro, fill in necessary information including Full Name, Contact Phone and Email Address and be added to the database.

Existing customers may proceed to login using two (2) options, one is by using the registered email address or by typing in the phone number.

Key in registered email address and password then click Sign In. 

Log in using Phone Number, type registered number and password then hit Sign In button. A one-time pin will be sent to your phone number, enter the 6-digit pin at the pop-up window then click the Go button to enter the Home Page.


Enter MarketPro Home Page.

Access dashboard which provides users a quick look of all important features and information related to your MarketPro account.

Accounts dashboard displays buttons, graph and sections to view and manage the contracts you created through the MarketPro Platform.

  • Manage My Contracts: Manage all your available contracts from previous and current contract under MarketPro like Add, View and enable Rate Watch settings
  • Initiate Buying Cycle: This allows you to initiate buying cycle for a contract
  • View Buying Cycle: Shows records of all initiated buying cycle with different statuses (Requested, Processing, Won – Waiting for Acceptance, Accepted, Expired)
  • Graphs: Displays some useful graphs for the customers which depict the current electricity Price Market as well as futures market trend
  • Message Centre: This section shows notification of all activities of the logged in user account
  • Useful Links: Check some useful links for a quick reference
  • News Feed: Get access to news and media section about electricity


The next time you log into the MarketPro platform use your registered login credentials, enter the home page to view your dashboard and manage your account without having to request for a demo access.


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