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User Guide

This serves as a user manual for MarketPro in your computer and device. The information contained in this manual will help you to familiarize yourself with your MarketPro platform quickly and teach you the full range of features and services it offers.


Section 1, ‘How To Login‘, explains step-by-step how to request demo access, log in and first look at the dashboard of MarketPro.


Section 2, ‘Initiate Buying Cycle‘, is important for you to read as you are familiarizing yourself with your MarketPro platform. It allows you to initiate Buying Cycle for your self and your business.


Section 3, ‘View My Contracts‘, if you need to find, view and manage your contracting information from existing retailers and contracts organized using MarketPro platform follow this section. Sign in to your MarketPro account and clink thru View My Contracts button.


Section 4, ‘View Buying Cycle Details‘, this section offers information where you see any of your tender and/or auction that you have submitted for an offer.


Section 5, ‘My Account‘, in your MarketPro Account, you can see and manage your info, activity, member options, payments and subscriptions to make MarketPro work better for you.


All the other sections are intended to help you when you have a specific query.

If you use the MarketPro User Guide, you will have complete control to manage your electricity contracts, you will be a MarketPro Master!


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